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How to Organize Your Craft Room

How to Organize Your Craft Room

Posted by        Apr 22, 2020     Craft     0 Comments

If you enjoy the creation process, then you know that the area dedicated to your hobbies, crafts and art can easily become cluttered and messy. 

Clutter of any kind makes it hard to be imaginative.  If mess and disorganization take over, you can find yourself tense, frustrated and without space to work.  You may even stop being creative altogether!

Clean and organize your craft area now with these helpful tips:

  1. Gather up all of your craft, hobby and art supplies.  Place them on a table to begin the sorting process.
  2. Sort every item into piles based on the type of craft or hobby such as: scrapbooking, sewing, knitting, painting, etc.
  3. Refine these piles further, one at a time.  Donate craft supplies that you no longer enjoy but are still servicable to others.  You don't need duplicates!  Throw away any broken tools, expired items or other things that have accumulated and are not necessary.
  4. Take the trash out immediately.
  5. Make your next stop the charity of your choice and drop off the items to donate.  Do this before proceeding further otherwise you will have a tendency to keep everything.
  6. There's no substitute for a good desk chair.  Look for furniture items that have storage (drawers, cubbies, etc.) that suit your particular hobby, craft, art work.  Purchase and assemble any new pieces.
  7. Clean the area and don't forget the windows.  Natural light is better for your eyes and your work.
  8. Sort by color and type.  Examples:  sort fabric by color.  Place scrapbooking supplies together.  Sort paint by medium (oil, acrylic, etc.) and put like colors together.
  9. Clear containers are great for smaller items.  Photos, etc. can be sorted and placed in boxes that are labeled (birthdays, vacationsFree Reprint Articles, etc.).
  10. Label everything so that you can easily find them.
  11. Put items you use often nearest your work area.  Store items you use less often above or below your work area.

You should be able to readily see and be able to find all your tools and supplies.  Now enjoy the fruits of all that hard work and go out there and create something wonderful!

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